From Principal's Desk

"The word ‘ DOON ’ in Geography stands for a land at a very high altitude"

Formed by the sediments left behind by the fast flowing rivers through the mountains. Like the fast flowing rivers, the fleeting time leaves behind high achievements of the Students of Patna Doon Public School erecting itself as the ideal evidence of high flown ambition and success of its students.

Children are the beautiful gift of nature. They are like plants who are in need of nourishment such a type of skilled gardener like us (teacher). To make a worthy student, teachers must be worthy. Now this is a bigger question amongst us-how to make the students worthy and cultured. Hence there are two words - "PUNCTUALITY" and "DISCIPLINE". Punctuality is the emerging point of discipline. If we are punctual, we are disciplined and so the students. We not only want to give them knowledge of text books but also of traditional culture.

As according to the Ramayana –
"Continue the journey till life"
Arise, awake and stop not till the aim is achieved.
I always try to give my best all the time and to be role model.

Jai Hind